The Best Way To Get Rid Of Artist’s Block – “Kill Your Artist Block” Series – Lesson 8


Welcome back to this series.

In this lesson, I’m going to forgo talking about supplies again to continue talking about successful ways to get rid of a creative block or artist’s block.

Disconnect two parts of your brain:

  1. Get to the gym or get outside.
  2. Take a long bath
  3. Bike ride
  4. Hike your favorite trail
  5. Take a long shower
  6. Clean house or straighten up your art supplies/art room
  7. Clean up the attic or garage
  8. Label all your art supplies and create an inventory

You’re probably thinking these things would take you away from doing artwork or your craft.

Actually, these things often have the opposite effect. By disconnecting your subconscious from your conscious mind during routine, mindless or exercise tasks you are releasing your subconscious to create things.

Try one of these if you’re stuck.

Art Galleries:

Visit a local museum or several of them throughout the year. Bring a small sketchbook with you to sketch things if you get inspiration.

Can’t get to a local museum right away?

Try these:

500,000 Works of Art Digitized:

Van Gogh Complete Works:

Little known Fact: Van Gogh never sold any of his works until after his death. (Except one piece to his brother Theo) Now his works are each worth millions.

Matisse Works of Art:

Picasso Works of Art:


Claude Monet Works of Art:

Art Ideas Book:

I rarely throw away catalogs during the year. It seems a little like hoarding, but it’s great to have inspiration when you need it. Cut out items that catch your eye because of design or color.

Use a glue stick or tape to paste them onto blank printer paper or other paper.

Put into a 3-ring notebook after punching holes with a hole puncher. That way, when something strikes you, it is easy to take that page out to use it for inspiration.

I hope these tips help you get back to it.

See you next time!