It Just Matters That You Do


Almost two years ago, I had to have a very serious surgery. I had to have two discs fused in my neck to repair an injury from 11 years ago when I fell on the ice in Alaska. It’s been really difficult to accept what kind of effect that surgery has had on my artwork. It has limited how long I can sit in a chair and look down at my work. It has slowly gotten better over time, but it still limits my life. I’ve heard similar stories from others who had this surgery. The resulting pain has just been something I know I must live with. The point of this blog post is just to post a quick sketch I did today. First time in two years, and I’m very rusty. One thing I learned in 2010 when I did the 365 day art challenge on my iPhone and iPad: You just have to show up. It doesn’t matter what you create. It just matters that you do. Cheers. Keep at it. Lynne

This was a sketch I did years ago. I tried to think of every animal I could imagine.