365 Day “Kill Your Artist Block” Exercise Series Begins January 15, 2018


I mentioned in my previous post that in 2011 and 2012 I performed a 365 Day Challenge to draw something every single day on the iPhone or iPad to cure a terrible case of artist block I had at the time. What developed from that was my Amazing Dragons series of books, cards, and art prints for children.

I’ve decided to start a “Kill Your Artist Block” Exercise series here for anyone going through the same thing I went through for many years. It happens to everyone – I promise. I’ve never met an artist/writer or other creative who didn’t have the same issue once in awhile or for long periods of time.

Beginning on Jan 15th, 2018, I’ll be teaching one lesson I’ve learned about how to get rid of artist’s block. I’ll start out talking about supplies that are available so you can choose your favorite. Then I’ll talk a little about my favorite techniques for jump-starting my creativity. After that, each lesson will contain one, simple sketch you can practice yourself to jumpstart your inner artist. Included will be a simple technique for how to cure your case of artist’s block if you have it or if you ever experience it in the future.

I hope you’ll join me starting tomorrow for Lesson 1. Let’s do it! It’ll be fun, frustrating, scary, and many other things you won’t expect. But it will help you, if you stick with it. Let’s discover how much better we can become together.

If you joined us later in the year, you can always start with Day One whenever you meet up with us. We’ll be waiting for you.

Note: You don’t have to have an iPhone or iPad or other digital drawing device to do this because I’ll be presenting each day as a conventional art sketch. If you wish to draw digitally, that’s totally up to you.

See you soon!